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As your local roofing company in Lakeshore, JEM Roofing & Renovations provides advanced roofing services. We are a family owned roofing and exterior renovations company with years of experience that allows you to have confidence in putting your roofing or renovation project in the right hands. Our friendly staff are also experts and are able to order roofing materials on your behalf if you are seeking specific roofing materials, helping to make life simple.

Professional Roofing Services

We are a professional roofing company in the Lakeshore area that works hard to ensure we provide roofing estimates, including premium roofing options and products that allow you to improve the quality and value of your property.

A Lakeshore Roofing Company With Heart

We share a calendar with all of our roofing customers that outlines our scheduled roofing and renovations projects. By providing our customers with this information, you are able to know what is coming up for your Lakeshore roofing project. We take pride in being a roofing company that stays highly organized, allowing our Lakeshore roofing sites to be kept clean and well-planned to give you less disruption to your daily life. When we are finished with your roofing project, we will leave your home and yard cleaner than when we started.

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Are you ready to start your roofing project but are unsure where to begin? We encourage you to view our showroom where you are able to choose from a multitude of roofing materials and colours to ensure you find the ideal roofing products for your needs and budget. Our sales representatives are also on hand to discuss the best ventilation solution for your roofing project, as installing proper ventilation gives your roof a longer life.

If you are seeking a knowledgeable and experienced roofing company in Lakeshore, phone our expert staff today at JEM Roofing.

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