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JEM Roofing Company is the leading provider of roofing services in Wallaceburg and the surrounding areas. We’re a family-owned roofing company that excels in expert roofing and exterior renovation services, offering extensive experience that guarantees the success of your roofing and renovation projects. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can suggest the ideal roofing materials for your Wallaceburg home. Alternatively, if you have specific preferences, we’re happy to order your select materials and provide installation upon request.

In-Depth Roofing Estimates

Our professional roofing company in Wallaceburg guarantees thorough roofing estimates for clients. Covering all the roofing materials needed to complete your project, giving you the information needed to choose to improve the quality and value of your Wallaceburg home.


Using a shared calendar, we schedule our roofing and renovation projects, providing access to all our customers. This transparent approach ensures you are kept up to date about every aspect of your Wallaceburg roofing project. Our commitment to organization extends to our roofing sites, which are kept clean and orderly in Wallaceburg to minimize disruptions. After completing your roofing project, we work hard to keep your home and yard cleaner than we found them, so you are completely satisfied.


Want to start your roofing project but not sure how to get going? Visit our showroom to check out different roofing materials and available colours. Our sales representatives can help you choose the right roofing products for your project and overall budget. While you’re there, our team can also work with you to determine ventilation solutions which work to help improve your roof’s longevity.

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