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As your local Tilbury area roofing contractor company, JEM Roofing & Renovations provides professional roofing services. Trust in JEM Roofing, experienced and family owned roofing contractors, and have every aspect of your roofing or renovation project run smoothly. The down to earth roofing contractors at JEM Roofing are ready to work with you, even able to order customized roofing materials on your behalf to simplify your life.

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We are a professional roofing company that provides our Tilbury area customers with complete roofing estimates along with options that include premium roofing products, ensuring the overall quality of your building is improved. Our highly-skilled roofing contractors can’t be beat, as we ensure your roof is completely re-finished using only the best materials so that your roofing project stands strong for years.

Professional Tilbury Area Roofing Contractors

We ensure our roofing customers receive access to a shared calendar that shows all of our roofing and renovation projects. By sharing this information with our customers, you are able to be aware of what to expect throughout your Tilbury roofing project. We take pride in ensuring our roofing contractors are highly organized, keeping your job site clean so your daily life has minimal disruptions. Once our roofing contractors have fully completed your job, we leave your home and yard cleaner than before our contractors started.

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Are you ready for your roofing project to begin but don’t know the first steps to take? Our showroom is open for you to browse, allowing you to choose from various roofing materials and colours to find the ideal roofing materials for your needs and budget. Our sales representatives are on hand to assist you, ensuring you have the ideal ventilation solution for your roofing project as well, as the installation of proper ventilation by our roofing contractors can extend the life of your roof.

If you live in the Tilbury area and are seeking professional roofing contractors, connect with the friendly team at JEM Roofing today.

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